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  • Clipclad Systems core principle

    core principle: each modular element can pass through a doorway

  • Clipclad Systems high spec. DDA-compliant shower room

    a high spec. DDA-compliant shower room under construction

  • Clipclad Systems compact shower room

    compact shower room, completed

  • Clipclad Systems mounting detail for access panels

    mounting detail for access panels

  • Clipclad Systems double-sided service wall

    double-sided service wall for en-suite and family bathrooms

Clipclad Systems

We first developed the Clipclad wall panel system for Grant Westfield in the early 2000s and it has now become an industry standard for fit-outs, particularly where access to services is important. Over the decade we have continued to evolve the concept, looking increasingly at how the system can address the needs of off-site construction.

Our core building blocks are modular ladder frames that can be delivered to site flat-pack and carried in through doorways. These frames can be factory-configured for services and reinforced where necessary to carry sanitary ware. Finally these frames can be clad with precise panels, machined from materials that would be hard to craft on site. In summary, a much more flexible approach to off-site construction than the volumetric alternatives.

Examples of Clipclad Systems can be seen at our studio.

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