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  • Kinnarps concept chair CAD model

    CAD model of the dynamic chair

  • Kinnarps concept chair product brief

    the product brief

  • Kinnarps concept chair mechanical test rigs & sculptural models

    mechanical test rigs and sculptural models developed in parallel

  • Kinnarps concept chair prototypes for user focus groups

    visual and working prototypes for user focus groups

Concept chair for Kinnarps

At the start of every project we always make sure that the brief is carefully targeted. In this two-year project to develop a new concept in executive office seating, we identified the principles goals to be: (1) achieving uncompromising ergonomics and user comfort without over-complicated adjustments, and (2) creating a big chair with a light, agile appearance (our mood boards contained images of gliders and Alexander Calder sculptures).

We are equally concerned about the sculptural forms and mechanical details. A series of dynamic test rigs were built and through experimentation we invented a new backrest construction that naturally flexes to best support the user’s lumbar. In parallel, the image evolved through ‘real’ foam and ‘virtual’ computer models, with form and function finally converging in a working prototype which demonstrated both ergonomics and appearance.

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