Case study

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  • Kinnarps SquareOne chair original brief

    the original brief summarised in cartoons

  • Kinnarps SquareOne chairs stacked on a trolley and perched on a table edge

    stacked on a trolley and perched on a table edge (for cleaning below)

  • Kinnarps SquareOne chairs connected in a row

    linked in a row, connected at the arms

  • Kinnarps SquareOne accessories

    folding writing tablet accessory and linking connector

Kinnarps SquareOne

We worked with the client to distill the brief into a set of simple cartoons that defined precisely their ambitions for a multi-purpose stacking chair – once the question was clearly defined the answer was a natural progression. The next stage was to refine the ergonomics through test rigs while, in parallel, investigating ways to optimise the design for robotic manufacture. The final product, called SquareOne, meets both the brief and very demanding price targets, and can be fully assembled by machine in less than a minute.

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