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  • OpClear laparoscope cleaner distal tip

    the optimised profile of the distal tip

  • OpClear laparoscope cleaner carapace

    removing the scope with the OpClear from the carapace

  • OpClear laparoscope cleaner carapace

    the carapace to help fit OpClear onto the scope

  • OpClear laparoscope cleaner control unit

    the control unit

OpClear laparoscope cleaner

Launched in Spring 2013, this revolutionary medical device instantly cleans all debris from the lens of the laparoscope with a short blast of high-speed CO2. It does this at the touch of a foot switch during surgery thus removing the need to withdraw the scope for manual cleaning. It economically increases theatre productivity, reduces risk to the patient and eliminates a significant frustration for the surgeon.

We worked closely with experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to precisely shape the jet exit for the most effective cleaning action and produced many prototypes for real-world testing. The client’s patent portfolio lists WW+A in most of OpClear’s inventive steps. This product is an excellent example of a closely knit team working on a clearly defined problem with a precise, simple and effective outcome.

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