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  • Melles Griot APT 6-axis manipulator partially deconstructed

    an APT partially deconstructed

  • Melles Griot APT 6-axis manipulator configured in a row

    APTs configured in a row

  • Melles Griot APT 6-axis manipulator design details

    branding, graphic icons, finger-tip controls and the gasket around the moving stage

Melles Griot 6-axis manipulator

Controllable to an accuracy measured in nanometres, the 6-axis APT manipulator is used for aligning fibre optic cables and manufacturing high value miniature components for the telecoms industry.

The compact device is significantly smaller than its predecessor, which raised some interesting design challenges with the mechanical construction and human interface. We worked with the scientists and engineers at Melles Griot to address these issues and even devised a Lycra gasket around the moving platform to prevent valuable components on the production line from being lost inside the mechanism!

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