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  • Breakthrough Gatwick airport male washroom

    Breakthrough format washroom at Gatwick

  • Breakthrough Gatwick airport SystemM toilet cubicles

    SystemM emergency access cubicles at Gatwick

  • Breakthrough washstand Gatwick airport splashback detail

    splashback detail on washstands at Gatwick

  • Gatwick South International Departure Lounge washrooms washstands

    Gatwick International Departure Lounge washrooms, opened December 2012

  • Heathrow T5 washstand and dryer modules

    washstand and double dryer modules at Heathrow T5

  • Heathrow washstand module construction details

    details of the washstand for Heathrow

  • Heathrow T5 washstand modules during assembly

    modules for Heathrow T5 on the assembly line

Modular products for airport washrooms

Commissioned by Mansells to develop off-site fabrication techniques for building the washrooms at Heathrow Terminal 5, we have engineered modular washstands that can be found at several UK airports. Precision alignment and fast on-site installation were primary concerns of the design, and we also helped the manufacturer, Grant Westfield, to set up batch production facilities. For the Terminal 5 project alone, nearly 1000 modules configured in around 75 variations were supplied, and many of the installations also feature our SystemM toilet cubicle, with a unique emergency access feature.

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